Dienstag, 30. Dezember 2008


To avoid any misunderstanding or unpleasant situation write 1st the message, then choose the person you want to sent it to.. not other way around !!!!!

Samstag, 27. Dezember 2008

Talking about insights.. (Berlin Wall)

..i found an original present for my best friend: Painted pieces of the Berlin wall in a small black frame.

In order to remember this moment will mention a conversation i had with one of my work collegues, while 'picking up' the shapeless fragments from the wall.
He wanted to give me as a present on my bday some pieces of the wall (terrible cool!!!!). But... he was the only one who thought of it as a good idea, cause he got an answer like: 'What do u mean take some pieces from the wall?! Let's buy some.'

ahh.. buy them ?!?!?!?! :))

My music

A song that one can easily listen.. in an infinite loop:
Sad Robot - Pornophonique

Another song that i find ok, as through my veins flows a latin blood, is:
Dejame vivir - La Mari de Chambao

Donnerstag, 11. Dezember 2008

From a B to another B...

No, the post isn't about relationships, but about 'my towns'. Living for almost 24 years in a B city, 'passing' for 2 years through an H city ( more exactly HH ) i got to another B city. From a capital city to another. ;-)

Sei multi, sei kulti, sei Berlin!

My 1st picture since i moved here:

9th Dec. 2008, 10.30 pm, a quiet Alexander Platz.

Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2008

I love this game

I went yday to a Euroleague BBL game: Alba Berlin vs. Fenerbahce Istanbul.
Great game. Great atmosphere. It was definitively worth it. 9,90€ instead of 19,90€. There was an offer @Kaiser's (siehe here), where you could have bought a coupon (i.e gutschein) and valite it in internet.

O2 Arena

Alba Berlin fans

Fenerbahce Istanbul fans + Alba Berlin team in blue / yellow.

Alba still fighting..

Alba trophies over 13 years. I got to witness the last victory (more here).

13000 people.

the ticket...

...in comparison with the ticket to an NBA game:
The atmosphere here wasn't that cool. The game pretty cool but the fans are part of the success of a game. ;-)

Montag, 8. Dezember 2008

Marktkauf => Kaiser's

Moving to another city means more than just changing the room, the building, the neighbour(s)hood, but also about changing the supermarket.
Lidl, Aldi, Plus, Penny will be everywhere. A little bit harder to find but they are always there.. when u need them. ;-)
The closest as it was in Harburg is another supermarket. The old Harburger Marktkauf is replaced by Kaiser's in Prenzlauer Berg. There is unfortunately a difference. Kaiser's is more expensive. But is the only one opened till 24, Mo-Sa.
Went there on Saturday cause I couldn’t make it to Lidl on time and neither to the other Kaiser's closer to my home & opened till 22. Bought 1l milk (3,5%, cheapest, from the fridge), cheese (white+yellow+brie), 4x125g yogurt = 5.07€ . Not more than 10 people inside. The verkäuferInnen were becoming friends with the customers. I was pretty quite. Smiled just a little. At the line I saw that the guy in front of me got some [Lindt] candies. :O:O 'Damn, it is because he knows the people or just because he got into a long and 'funny' discussion with them. Buuuuuuut.. to my surprise.. I also got a hand full of candies.
They are so expensive they give candies for free. And not from the cheap ones..

Gaming - Stereotype for ITs?

If somebody mentions IT, Computer Science, Informatics, dsfsrevcsd[i.e any word]-Informatics immediately the connection to computer games is made in the head of the one who listens. Why? Is there something that u automatically do when u are IT-afine? More than any other person? I personally never liked to play computer games. Maybe it is also because i used to see my brother play strategic games and I found it sort of boring [sorry, don't want to hurt anybody's feelings]. Or maybe it is because I used to get beaten by my brother in games like shah, "don't get upset, brother" [i.e 'nu te supara, frate!' hehe].
During the university I used to hear all the times the students leaving in the dorms telling stories about how great one game or another one is. Never been drawn by it.
2 weeks ago it was my 1st time. ja ja. playing computer games. ;-)
A little sceptic at the begging as the other person really thought of it as a good idea to spend the eve. haha. So.. I said.. what the hell?! Let’s give it a try. Everything needs to be done at least once. ;-)
The game?! Unreal terminal tournament (here). And?! Does it sound familiar? Not to me.
It was ok. For a short while, a nice distraction. For the 1st time, same. For the last time, never say never, but I will at the moment.

PS: The conversation started with :
1:'Was willste denn heute abend machen? Ins Kino gehen? Nee, es ist zu teuer. Ahh. ich habe 'ne Idee. Zocken!'
2:'Ahh bestimmt wird sie sich freuen.' [i.e the stereotype i was mentioning]
3:'Aber es ist zu kalt draussen'
1,3:':-s :O :-? Haste wirklich verstanden?'
3:'ähhmmm..BBL spielen?!?!?!'
1,2: ':))))))))'
3:':"> Für mich ist zocken aber : bbl spielen'
Zocken heißt einfach in Umgangssprache spielen. Aber was für ein Spiel? Dasjenige Spiel, das einer am liebsten spielt. Wenn man mit einem BBL-Freak spricht, geht's für diesen um BBL. Wenn einer lieber Computerspiele spielt, dann der meint Computerspiele spielen.

Donnerstag, 4. Dezember 2008

Hpy Bday to me

After 'only' 2 & 1/2 months in the middle of my new working family this was my bday present from them:

5 special postcards ilustrating the cool area where i live:

a Berlin guide with a couple of insider tipps for Prenzlauer Berg, as i am always looking 4 insights

..and a bottle of wine. [i wonder when i will open it]

Dienstag, 28. Oktober 2008

Rivarly in Germany & East vs. West Europeans

Many people say that München isn’t in Germ, but this might be only the rivalry speaking. What kind of rivalry? The one between the biggest/most important cities in Germany. In my opinion: the ‘battle for the trophy’ is given between München, Hamburg und Berlin. The Hamburgers say about the Berliners (and other way around) that they are hochnäsig (siehe http://dict.leo.org ;-) ) . The Norddeutscher say about the Süddeutscher (actually only about the Bavarians) that they have their own country. The Bavarians about the North Germans, that they aren’t that important, or was it something else?!

When I think of saying ‘I hope it will be like this also in Romania’ a shy smile appears on a corner of my mouth. The idea, I have to admit, is pretty nice: to have for example not only 1 economical centre of the country as it is now. Cluj (Klausenburg), Sibiu (Hermannstadt), Brashov (Kronstadt) could qualify in some years as good candidates for the job. Who knows?!

Of course there are many other things over which the Germans (')fight('), but they aren’t worth to be mentioned as they don’t differ too much from the ones found in other countries.

One more thing could be said. It's something I've noticed in the past weeks: The most East Europeans go abroad to the West Europe. The West Europeans go also West. In the ocean? neee. To America or to other places far away like Japan, Tanzania, South Africa. (A line in my ToDo list.) The East Europeans go west to study in countries like Germany, France. The germans go west to study in Nederlands or England. The English? In New York, like Sting used to say?
Am I generalizing in some way?

Samstag, 25. Oktober 2008

Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften, 2009

Taking a look through the fotogallery of the past event i got the impression it could be more interesting than the one of last year in Hamburg.
Here more about the event next year in June.

Dienstag, 21. Oktober 2008

New city - same cloths

The title of this post could have been also: "The advantage of moving to another city" or better "The 'most important' stereotype of a woman is applied only for the ones who live their whole life in the same city".
Another good reason for moving from time to time is that in this way you don't need to buy new cloths (only if they have some holes, although before throwing something take a look around, maybe you will find out that this is the new fashion in town). Nobody knows your garderobe. Therefore if it's not bothering you wearing the same combinations then do it. It saves you some money.

Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2008

Stories from Aachen

The following story was written in the train while I was coming back from Aachen (to Hamburg)on the 27th August.


Today I had a phone interview. My 1st one. Very stressful. Not necessary bcs if was on the phone, but bcs it was an interview.
Ahh. For what? For my internship. My eternal problem. Everybody got tired, I think, of this ‘problem’ of mine.

The time couldn’t have been more interesting. Why interesting? Because of the many obstacles I met. I will name shortly some of them.

I was in Aachen with Lore and Radu. Lore is my childhood best friend. Radu, her bf. Why in Aachen? They came here to study. A master program very similar with mine, i.e. Media Informatics. No longer than 1 year ago they were on their way to Hamburg to visit me. After 2 weeks they came to the conclusion that Germany isn’t such a bad place. So they started the hard work (I know what I am saying), with little help from me, and they applied and applied and here they are after 1 year.
To make the story short, I went for few days to Aachen to help them get acquainted with the German system. It can be very hard if u don’t know the language. Well, here is where I come in. And besides knowing the language I’ve also been through the same things so I wanted to make their life a little bit easier, not to suffer a culture shock.

We found a nice place in Aachen, where they are going to live for the 1st month cause afterwards they will move to Bonn, where they start their classes. Aachen will be only for registration and for the german course. Who knows maybe in 1 month I will update this story with ‘Stories from Bonn’ instead of ‘Stories from Aachen’. hehe

So among the tasks for this week the following can be mentioned: register the new address, open a bank account, take a bescheinigung from the insurance company, learn some hints about how the german ppl think, learn some German basic words ( how to count; how to make the diff btw hähnchen, schwein und puten; how to say ‘Ich heisse …. ‘). They caught them pretty fast. That makes me believe that in one month they will be able to speak some German.

The problems I encountered were:
- no internet in the apartment ( :O:O:O can one imagine a life without the internet ?!?!?!??! haha), so we had to share the stinky air from the icafes with some low level ppl (sorry for them, but this was the fact).
- I couldn’t sleep :P
- I couldn’t finish my new letter of intention. Couldn’t get the only sentence I was missing.
- spent some more money.  - eating in the city (hv to admit Aachen is cheaper than in HH, it is after all a student city), buying a dress for the wedding I am attending this we (hopefully I will have more time to write about it), printing the pages for the interview. (10 cents/page).
- pretty much every person we met in the administration environment couldn’t (or didn’t want to) speak German. This made things a little bit harder. For all the parts involved. Not even the guy in the bank. ( :O:O ). Not even the direct banking option had an English version. Radu said he will file a complain. He should of course. I should do that, too. This made me feel a little uncomfortable. How can I explain to my friends that the Germans aren’t that nationalists (at least not more than the French people), when so many things like these happen? When you work / live in a city, where at least 30-40% of the people are international, and u don’t speak another language, you should maybe ask yourself: ‘shouldn’t I feel incompetent?‘

The good things:
- I helped my friends. Hope they realised that. 
- I got to know myself a little more in the sense that I am glad I chosed this way of life and this way of thinking.
- I got to know another city in Germany. A very nice one I might add. The pictures will be uploaded (when?). I am proud to say that I also got the run a little every morning. A little cause a hill needs more effort. :D
- Bcs of the internet the possibility of preparing for the interview were limited. But I have a good feeling ab the interview. It isn’t over. I have the 2nd part on the 4th in Berlin.

Freitag, 10. Oktober 2008

Discovering Berlin

One of the reasons I like this city is that in so many ways it is similar to my home town. I set a sort of a goal to find out in these 6 months as many 'insights' as I can.
On Wednesday I went out with some colleagues from work. To describe a little bit the 'team' I would say it contained: 2 guys from Java (1 of them studied the same thing with me but in Hannover; is there an university there? :p), 1 gal from Graphics (Austrian) and 1 guy who did his Diplomarbeit in the company and now I don't know where he's working. The last one came with the idea to have a Cocktail evening in a bar not too far away from where we work.
It took us some time to get there cause I needed to go by the bank before. Surprisingly there aren't so many banks around this area.
The bar: A cocktail bar with happy 'hour' btw 5-8pm and after 8 the offer continues with the cocktail of the day. We stayed there till almost 10 (from 7.30).
From the whole crew only 1 lives in the same area with me, the rest.. 1h by S-Bahn. :-s
After saying goodbye from the others, V told me about an 'interesting' place he got to know by mistake. A true Berliner insight. Don’t remember the name [29.10.2008 The name: Dr. Pong] (you couldn't see actually any name outside or anything inside. We had also problems finding the door while going out hahaha. Anyway. It wasn't that bad as it might seem. :)
A little about this place: Not too big. Some people inside. Only 1 room, divided in 2: on one side the bar (with beer 1.50-2€), on the other side a big table tennis and people moving around it. Huh? Moving around it? Yeah, well.. How does it work? You pay 5€ deposit for a blade at the bar and set urself in the circle around the table. Everybody has to hit the ball once (correctly!!) otherwise he/she is out. It goes like this until only 2 persons remain in the game. To set a winner they play 2 out of 3. Then you start all over again. :D
Pretty silly but this is one of the insights I was talking about. I heard that, during the weekend, they are like 50 ppl around the table. :)))))
(I have some pics from there, didn’t get them yet though)

Dienstag, 7. Oktober 2008

Preparing for a new beginning

It is pretty hard to put in few lines everything that happened in the last months (?).
It is kind of silly to say I hope I will be able to write more often now 'cause I should base myself on previous similar moments.
[pfff.. my English got worse since the last time (?) or maybe it was like this before and nobody noticed. hahaha]

Here I am... sitting in "my" new kitchen, in "my" new place, in "my" new town, summed up: in "my" new environment: Berlin. 2-3 years ago I was thinking that my favourite city in Germany is Munich. Was I wrong?! (more about it here) But in the last year I had more ‘free time’ to enjoy the gorgeous Hamburg and to discover (in 6 times only) this wonderful city which is Berlin.

In one week I will have the honour to celebrate my 1 month anniversary (don’t freak. I am talking about 1 month since I am here :) ). Cake?! Will try, but the things needed to prepare one are still in Hamburg. :-s

I managed to go only once to Hamburg in these 3 and a half weeks. 2 weekends ago. It was my last weekend in my former room. A big event. Actually when I moved out, on the 14th of September, I ‘celebrated’ exactly 1 year living in that room. Pretty nice, isn’t it? I don’t remember telling many things about my 2nd year flatmates. But again, it has been a long time since I posted the last time.
But coming back to that weekend of 26-28 September. Actually the whole period, from middle August till now, was a little bit crazy.. if not a lot. :)

Dividing the events on periods:
End July – beginning of August: entering a terrible ( :) ) panic that I am not going to find an internship. I was constantly hearing the q: "did u find an internship?" o "wie sieht’s es aus mit deinem praktikum?" (in diff versions..)
Beginning of August – my personal bank consultant ( :) ) was starting to ask me if I have a deposit in some other bank (and in which amount.. cause he can make me a better offer- hahahahhaha), A very good person in the university (from the same International Office, where I worked from the beginning, who is taking care of the Overseas students) had an idea to offer me the opportunity to earn some additional money by helping her a little. This was the moment when I decided to reconsider the idea of going home for some days. The reasons: a wedding of one of my friends from the university + my parents' beautiful 29th anniversary. I don’t regret at all taking this decision. The only thing is that now I find myself in the same situation I was when I moved to Germany (will skip this part..)
These 4 days home were the best ones in such a long time… (more about it here)
Middle of August: 22nd of August – left for Aachen to meet L & R. They were supposed to start their Master in something pretty much similar to what I did/am still doing in Hamburg. (more about it here)
Just before leaving (Thu) I phoned the 2 companies where I had applied (more than 1 month prior) for an internship cause I wanted to know something before going away for ‘holidays’. The standard answer was more or less: Thank u very much for calling, for showing the interest in our company. We know ab u & ur application. It is still in processing. We will let u know within a week. Left for Aachen (Fri). Got 2 mails (Monday): 1 rejection and 1 'fyi'. [Talking, of course, only ab the positive step,] They had sent my application to one of their tochtergesellschaften. These ones were supposed to get in touch with me. Which they did. I got a phone call (Tue) from this company telling me that they got my application and that they received also my thank u email (an answer to my forwarded application).
A pretty complex process but this is the way they do it here. Hahha
It was a nice phone conversation. Was terrified, of course. Hehe. But we got to an understanding: 1 phone interview the next day (without internet and any notes :-s) and 2nd interview (if 1st one ok) on the following wed at their headquarters in Berlin. :) (more about it here)
End of August: Wed, 27th Aug – had the phone interview. Went ok. Left for HH the same day. Got there at midnight. Thu, the 28th Aug – woke up at 6.45 to meet my houseadmin to hand over the GHS key I had for 2 weeks. Went to uni to work for some hours (still needed to do the 3h scheduled in the job), run home to pack (i.e. to take out some thick cloths and put some summer ones for home + 3 dresses.. hhaaha), run to catch the mitfahrgelegenheit to Berlin.
(more about it here)
In Berlin I stayed with Bo, an old friend from Hamburg [but she is originally from Manchester, ähh Poland :)]. It was her last night in the dorm. (It took me 6 months to visit her and I chose her last one... hehe). Had a great time. [We didn’t go out. Stayed in, packing. Actually she packed. Her flatmates helped her. I was extremely tired. :) I stayed in the 3rd room, an empty room which the houseadmin forgot to close. :) Soooo.. a huge bed only for myself. ]
Fri, the 29th – Bo and I went together to the airport. She had to pick up her BF from the same airport, at the same time. She decided to wait with me in the line, but it turned out to be not such a good idea, as there was only 1 woman in charge of the check in. At the line: romaniaaaaaaaaaans. hahahaha. I will skip the part between preparing to take off and landing in Bucharest [, although it was funny to see the woman from the security getting a little bit angry while checking one Romanian who had her jeans full of metal parts ( :)))))) ) or to hear the passengers (again Romanians) arguing with (i.e. screaming at) the stewardesses during the flight. :)].
End of August – Beginning of September: @Home. Great time. At the wedding?! Hmm.. it was pretty nice to take part in it. At home with my parents and my aunt?! Best 3 days. I’m glad I had also the chance to see my best friend, even if it was only for 3h and these almost falling asleep. (Sorry, A) (more about it here)
Wed, the 3rd – flying back to Berlin. I stayed at another friend of mine who was there for a language course. Was a little bit scared about the interview, felt not really prepared for it (more about it here), but I did it. It is time for a new beginning. Am I ready for it?

FAZIT: Ich hab was verloren, ich hab was gewonnen.

Montag, 11. August 2008


I gave 2 days ago my weighting machine to one of the guys in the dorm 'cause he needed it to make sure that he doesn't take more than 10kg with him in the plane.
One of our neighbours happened to be there and saw me giving him the 'incriminating' object so she wanted to see how she... 'stands'.

She complained that she will go back home with 7kg ( i think ) more. 7kg in 5 months. Well..no need to worry. She has now 50 something. hahahhaha. She concluded with : "I hate Germany. I hate german chocolate and cookies." hahahahah
I told her she shouldn't worry 'cause once she gets home she will be back in no time in her previous 'condition'.
When i mentioned that after almost 2 years I carry 13 more kilos with all the time replied: "Well..it is ok. 'Cause here in Germany everybody is like this."
hahahhaha or :O:O:O:O

Freitag, 8. August 2008


This is what i am.

After the unfortunate events that 'fell on my head' last week (here more details), 2 more happened recently:

During the last weekend, more exactly on Sunday morning in Fischmarkt, somebody stole my camera. Actually it wasn't really mine and actually it was pretty much my fault. So... :((((
Now maybe i will get a new one from HVB. I will see in 2 weeks when i go to Aachen and 'force' 2 of my friends to open a bank account.
But until then.. how am I going to live without a camera. pfff..

We started a discussion about 'the trust in the people around us' like 2 weeks ago, when 2 students were robbed of their laptops, harddisks, cameras, etc. One of my friends told me that she leaves the door of her room open 'cause "I need to trust my flatmates". My flatmates are ok. But i cannot say there is a relaxed atmosphere in our apartment. Sad but this is the case.
Listening to my friend I said let's try this for a while. I did it on Wednesday. I left the door of my room open, went out and came back to pick up something. Being in a hurry I didn't take the key totally out from the door of the apartment, so it got 'curved' :P. Therefore I wasn't able to use it anymore. Luckily the door of my room was open. soooo.. sleeping at home tonight. hehehehe
Today I got another key. A temporary one actually. The new one on the 26th. Unfortunately I'll have to pay 30€ for it. :(((((
Normally I should hv got it on the spot but, first of all, my house administrator is since last Friday on holiday and, second of all, the one who replaces him has all the keys except the one of the box where all the backup keys are held. hahahhahaha
But we found another solution.

So.. du, pechvogel.. fly way !!!!!!

Mittwoch, 6. August 2008

- Progres romanesc

Din pacate m-a luat gura pe dinainte.
Din aceeasi sursa face parte si urmatorul articol.: " Mădălin Voicu îl face praf pe Marius Lăcătuş ".
Simplu: stupid.

Progres romanesc?

Tocmai ce am dat de urmatorul articol in Evenimentul Zilei Online si am tinut sa il marchez. Poate fi considerat un inceput al unui progres romanesc (din mai multe puncte de vedere)?

Bibliotecă mobilă pentru elevii din Cluj

Miercuri, 06 August 2008

În timpul vacanţei de vară, şcolarii pot alege din peste 25.000 de cărţi din biblioteca pe patru roţi ce colindă judeţul în lung şi în lat.

Elevii din localitatea Negreşti au fost primii care au putut să-şi aleagă lecturile de vacanţă. Proiectul aparţine Bibliotecii Judeţeane Cluj. Reprezentanţii instituţiei speră ca rafturile pe patru roţi să îi convingă pe copii să citească.

"Scopul e să aducem un plus de calitate şi să aducem în aceste localităţi rurale, pentru că bibliobusul ăsta face, acele cărţi, acele documente electronice şi audio-vizuale pe care bibliotecile rurale nu le deţin", a declarat Doina Popa, director Biblioteca Judeţeană din Cluj, citată de Realitatea.

Elevii vor înapoia cărţile împrumutate peste două luni. Până atunci, biblioteca mobilă va străbate zi de zi aproape 80 de comune din judeţ.

Mittwoch, 30. Juli 2008

Internationaler Abschiedsabend / International Good Bye Evening

.. this is the name of the last event prepared by us (Compass Team @Accommodation Office, TUHH). This Friday, 1st of August.

And this is the invitation mail:


Hey Ladies & Gents,

'If you are leaving on a jet plane
And don't know when you'll be back again

All you bags are packed
You are ready to go

We are waiting here outside the dorm
We'd hate to see you go without a last goodbye'

So let us ALL (international students, fellow students, flat mates and friends) meet for one last time to reminisce together. Come share a Pierrot Experience – with one eye crying and the other laughing - we celebrate one last moment in Black and White.

Date: 1st August 2008, 21:00
Place: Wohnheimbar, Ebelingstr. 1
Dress code: Ladies in Black & Gents in White

If you want to leave one last unforgettable impression this is your last chance:
PerformIng, SingIng, DancIng, ActIng, JogglIng or just AnythIng…..

Your entrance tickets to the hall of fame can be found at some@mailaddress.de.
For further details please see the attached poster.

Important: Due to legal reasons we are not allowed to sell or supply alcohol, so if you wish to consume any alcoholic drinks, please bring your own.


... ...
Deshalb möchten wir mit allen (internationalen Studenten, Kommilitonen, Mitbewohnern und Freunden) ein letztes Mal zusammen lachen, weinen und feiern.
Wir laden Euch alle herzlich zu einem Abend ganz nach Pierrot ein – mit einem lachenden und einem weinenden Auge – feiern wir ein letztes Mal ALLE zusammen in Schwarz und Weiß.

Datum: 1. August 2008, ab 21:00
Ort: Wohnheimbar, Ebelingstr. 1
Dresscode: Ladies in Schwarz & Gents in Weiß

Falls Ihr einen letzten bleibenden Eindruck hinterlassen wollt, dies ist Eure letzte Chance:
PerformIng, SingIng, DancIng, ActIng, JogglIng or just AnythIng…..

Die Eintrittskarte in die Hall of Fame gibt es bei some@mailaddress.de.
Für weitere Informationen schaut Euch einfach den Anhang an.

Achtung: Aus rechtlichen Gründen dürfen wir kein Alkohol verkaufen oder zur Verfügung stellen. Wer auf alkoholische Getränke nicht verzichten möchte bringt sie bitte selbst mit.



Closure phase + head needed

A crazy week is going to end tomorrow. The people around here are preparing themselves to close the TUHH chapter of their life. Some of them. The important ones. So.. it was/is time to celebrate this moment properly.
We started last week.. somewhere at its beginning and we will end it..hmm.. when?! :P

The apogee was reached in this weekend.. lasting from friday 11pm - sunday 11 am. But monday or yday eve<->morning weren't too bad either.

From the famous phrases that were said through this 'weekend' some need to be mentioned. (If more.. later edit)
'solo la.. ' (spanish speaking people will know)
'K, are u going home tonight?'
'J lives in Schanze'
'Let's go to Schanze and eat a Kumpir'

Besides the good moments lived in this short week there were also some stupid/funny. An enummeration would contain the following:
-forgot my online banking pin
-lost my ec card
-came back on saturday at 3pm
-took a book bck to the library, noticed the CD was broken (almost in half..wth?!); I have to provide a new one or they will (+ they will charge me 20 euros)

But what is the plan for tonight?

Sonntag, 20. Juli 2008

My obsession: Trees

From what tree did u fall?

I am ...
HORNBEAM TREE (the Good Taste) - of cool beauty, cares for its looks and condition, good taste, is not egoistic, makes life as comfortable as possible, leads a reasonable and disciplined life, looks for kindness and acknowledgement in an emotional partner, dreams of unusual lovers, is seldom happy with its feelings, mistrusts most people, is never sure of its decisions, very conscientious.

You are...
maybeeeee this tree ?!

Hamburg.. meine Perle


Today was the 1st and maybe last Sunday in Hamburg when the people were able to go rollerblading for few hours around the Alster. More exactly directly on the main road around the river. From 12.30 until 15.30 at any point you could have joined the other 'runners' and go hand in hand.. or wheel to wheel for a distance of 8km.
At one point on the way you could have stopped to make a small donation in exchange for an wristband (bracelet) 'Alsterrunde Skating Hamburg' and a Bionade.

At the beginning it was a little hard cause it has been a while since i've put my rollerblades in my feet. (I will see tomorrow if I can move properly :P). After a while it started raining so I got a little scared cause i was on the track for not more than 10 min.. but as usual it didn't last long and the sun reappeared over the Alster river.

The event was made in collaboration with the Hochbahn - Hamburg's public transportation system - in the sense that the citizens were invited to leave their cars at home and use either the bus or sbahn. Everything for the environment. :)

To remember the event I took some pictures.

One gorgeous city..

This is a memorable moment. I don't think i will catch a similar one again. Skating in the middle of Kennedy bridge in HH, the bridge which separates the Binnenalster (small Alster) from the Aussenalster (big Alster).

Modern times. And yeees.. he was faster. (I think i should search for new skates :P)

Everybody on skates.

More infos: Alsterrun

Samstag, 19. Juli 2008

The Aaaaaaaalmighty = das Internet

Ich habe auf der Focus Webseite folgenden Artikel gefunden:

"Wie gut sind Ihre PC-Kenntnisse?"
Sprachkenntnisse und ein sicherer Umgang mit dem PC sind Standard. Ein Bewerber sollte seine Qualitäten dennoch nicht als selbstverständlich abtun.

Der Verlierer antwortet:
„Ich kenne die üblichen Programme, die man im Back Office braucht. Ohne die geht es ja heutzutage auch gar nicht mehr. Ich bringe daher gute EDV-Kenntnisse mit.“

Der Bewerber ist mit dieser Antwort in die „Selbstverständlichkeitsfalle“ getappt. Hält ein Bewerber seine Software-Kenntnisse für nicht weiter erwähnenswert, verkauft er sich unter Wert.

Der Gewinner antwortet:
„Ich arbeite im Büro täglich mit dem gängigen MS-Office-Softwarepaket. Für den Schriftverkehr setze ich Word ein, Statistiken bereite ich mit Excel auf, und auch in der Erstellung von Präsentationen mit PowerPoint bin ich erfahren. Für den Versand von Dokumenten habe ich mir auch die Pdf-Konvertierung von Word-Dateien mittels Adobe angeeignet.“

Der Bewerber erläutert konkret, wie er typische Programme bei der täglichen Arbeit einsetzt. Der Personalverantwortliche schließt daraus, dass er sich auch künftig in Programm-Updates oder neue Programme einarbeiten wird.

Meine Schlussfolgerung : :-@ (für viele doch unbekannt)

(Der Artikel hier.)

From the category: soft skills

.. we present:

K: "It is exhausting to be a perfectionist."
C: "It is a tough job beeing a perfectionist, but somebody has to do it."

"Als Team Player bei ... (Firma X) werde ich durch Kreativität und Gewissenhaftigkeit diese Erfahrung zu einer höheren Phase bringen. "

Gewissenhaftigkeit u say?!
Gewissenhaftigkeit = assiduousness, conscientiousness, diligence, preciseness, scrupulousness.
All in one word. What a great language. (Source: Leo)

3) der oder das Teil?

"Der Teil (Teil eines Ganzen): der Erdteil, der Landesteil, der Stadtteil, der Elternteil, der Bestandteil, der (vordere/hintere) Zugteil, der Mittelteil (z.B. mittlerer Abschnitt eines Buches).
Das Teil (loses Stück): das Puzzleteil, das Ersatzteil, das Einzelteil, das Altenteil, das Oberteil, das Plastikteil, das Wrackteil ( source: Spiegel)"
"Der Teil der Menschheit ist schon wieder so viel, dass es "der" Teil ist. Das Teil wäre ;-)ein Stück eines Menschenkörpers oder auch vieler oder aller Menschenkörper." (source : der-oder-das-teil )

So.. "auf den technischen Teil oder auf das technische Teil konzentrieren" ?!

4) aufbauen auf + Akk oder Dat ?

"(etwas) auf etwas (Dat) aufbauen etwas als Grundlage oder Ausgangspunkt für etwas benutzen: einen physikalischen Beweis auf einer Versuchsreihe aufbauen; Es sind schon Grundlagen vorhanden, auf denen wir aufbauen können; [Vi] 9 etwas baut auf etwas (Dat) auf etwas hat etwas als Grundlage, Voraussetzung: Der Unterricht an der Universität baut meist auf dem Schulwissen auf;" ( source: duden )

So.. "Auf der / Auf die Lösung solcher Aufgaben habe ich meine bisherige Erfahrung aufgebaut. " ?

Donnerstag, 17. Juli 2008

Ein wertvolles Geschenk

One month ago i received a very special present from a very dear friend of mine. Not many people can feel themselves lucky to be able to understand its meaning. 6 figures, 6 leters : my name.

Mittwoch, 16. Juli 2008

Abschlussparty in der Wohnheimsbar

Yday was the last bar evening in this semester. Many people wanted to celebrate the exam period so it was pretty crowded. I managed to get there from bbl (the last time because of the school vacations) before 10 pm, so I caught some minutes of Happy Hour :P.. ieeeei.
But I wanted more to be there that 'early' because a band was announced for the evening.. with the hope to make the event more interesting. The band?! I don't want to make a stereotype out of it but : 'It was of course a rock band.' 4 young guys, i think around 16-17 years old, from Winsen - a small city 15 min away from Harburg.

The picture was taken in the few moments when they played some ballads (unknown :|). Most of my pics are shady because of the impossibility of the band to stand still during the performance.

The time flew very fast. I ended up again staying 'till late in the night.
Again some interesting moments.. as usual. (Unfortunately the only way I could write them is with white on white background or as here dark blue on dark blue background.)

Dienstag, 15. Juli 2008

HH as 'we' see it

Einfach durch die Stadt.. an einem Sonntag.

Q: 'hast du immer die Kamera dabei?'
A: 'äääähm..jup'


Eigentlich die Photos wurden anlässlich eines Besuches bei einer Ausstellung aufgenommen, die im Speicherstadtmuseum stattgefunden hat:

BBL Länderspiel Deu - Kan

Am 9ten Juli war ich in der Color Line Arena bei dem BBL Länderspiel: Deutschland vs. Kanada.

Es ging um ein Freundschaftspiel.
Aber diese Woche spielen die Jungs in Griechenland um die Qualifikation für die Olympia-Spiele.

The german team expects a lot from their best player - Dirk Nowitzki, nr.14 - the only one who plays in NBA. Now they are going to be 2. The newest 'German', NBA player, in the dbb team is Chris Kaman.

14 iulie - o zi memorabila?

Pentru multi ziua de 14 iulie are o insemnatate deosebita. Pentru cine? Pentru francezi, la ei acasa. Pentru francezi, pretutindeni in lume. La multi ani pentru oricine care a simtit ca are ceva de sarbatorit in aceasta zi.
Pentru mine are o alta insemnatate. Tin neaparat sa scriu cateva randuri, in romana, pentru a le putea reciti peste ceva vreme.. fie chiar si in sfarsit de luna Septembrie.
Ieri doi dintre cei mai buni prieteni ai mei - diferite nivele de prietenie, as vrea sa le povestesc, dar nu se cuvine.. din pacate - au plecat pentru o perioada care poate parea infima pentru unii, dar enorma pentru cineva obisnuit cu prezenta lor.
Ma caracterizez ca fiind o persoana realista ceea ce nu crede in coincidente. De unde tin sa amintesc replica din Kung Fu Panda : 'Es gibt keine Zufälle!'. Deci exista un motiv pentru a trebui sa imi iau la revedere in acelasi timp de la doua persoane importante. Curiozitatea de a vedea cum o sa 'evolueze' relatia mea cu cei doi dupa perioada de pauza nu imi da pace. Mai ales cu unul dintre ei. Pentru ca.. pe langa faptul ca nu cred in coincidente nu cred nici in distanta. Doar daca e vorba de familie, prieteni pe care ii stiu dupa o perioada mai indelungata. Dar daca timpul nu a fost de ajuns pentru a construi o baza, distanta va distruge relatia ( orice tip de relatie ) ce incepuse sa se contureze.
Well..nu am decat sa incerc sa ma concentrez saptamanile ce or sa vina si sa pun totul behind ca un moment important din viatza mea, ca un capitol ce sper sa ramana intiparit.

Donnerstag, 10. Juli 2008

Everybody is Kung Fu fighting..

I went last week to the new animation movie of the Universal Pictures 'Kung Fu Panda '. As the only cinema that was showing movies english got shot down, i had to choose one in german. After a hard day i needed to do something that would take me out of the bad mood. So.. a German movie for which i need to concentrate to understand what they were saying wouldn't have been a good choice. Therefore i chose one i knew i would fine interesting and funny in the same time. Interesting from the point of view that i am fascinated by animation movies, by the way they are made (a combination between: the technologies , the scenario, the characters etc. ).
I would recommend it to anyone who likes to laugh a little and even to leave from the cinema with some important phrases.

I will write the ones i remember.
'Es gibt keine Zufälle.'
'Du sollst nur glauben.'

Freitag, 4. Juli 2008

Schweinske - Made in Deutschland

Schweinske and Oktober are 2 German fast foods, as somebody very close to me used to say.
To celebrate an important step in the life of 2 good friends of mine we went to Schweinske.

Personally i would have prefered our mensa. Bad food but cheap :P. But i said we arent going out too often all together.

We could try characterizing the participants according to what they ate. :)

We start with mine :| (why this?!cause.. i wanted to see if they make better salads as i do :P):
Andrey's :

Chris's was more a breakfast than a lunch..

Roman's looked pretty good :

Shen's was quite strange. A_wanna_be_a_McDonalds_meal but we keep calling it Schweinske's 3456th item :

Mariancic's was sort of the same like Roman's but without the sauce:

und natürlich.. nichts läuft den Hals runter ohne was zum trinken.

Am Ende muss man sich auch für das Trinkgeld bedanken. Aber auf rumänisch nicht?! hmm.. und auf chinesisch auch nicht?! wieso?! dann.. sollen wir was machen.

Mittwoch, 2. Juli 2008

EM 2008 ist zu Ende..

..und Deutschland ist, leider, kein Europameister.
Schade..für die deutschen Fans..darunter auch ich.
Congrats to the Spanish team and, of course, to the fans.

From the last sessions of public viewing i'll present some pictures: