Mittwoch, 27. Dezember 2006

Today is Saint Stephan, that means the holiday continues.. ieeei
I should say happy b-day first to my father and then to a couple of friends back home.

After a night mentally spent with someone that can be categorized as being interesting and after a week of total intellectual break, i cannot find myself able to start doing and concentrating on an important thing, to find the strength to say in 10 min i will start..
I dont like this mood, it makes me a little angry for not being strong enough.

I will see what happens in the next hours.
Perhaps a simple jogg could help. I will think about it.

Mittwoch, den 4_Tage_vor_1ten_Januar_2007 Dez. 2006


Montag, 18. Dezember 2006

disappointed vs sad


hard day. hard start. But is it for everybody? I always ask myself that.

woke up at 7. As usual i wanted to stay 5 min more in bed but i thought if i snooze my phone now i will definitely not wake up soon.

i am going to skip the shower, 'cooking' the usual tee and arriving to school.. as usual late.. i even think i fell a sleep during the lecture.. but again nothing unsual for that early hour.

i am going to skip all the details that came after it and arrive at this hour.
it's 7 and i am in the lab.. i got here around 6 after a 3 hours trip to the library in hamburg. and i can say i live only 20 min away from city centre.

i am also a little bit angry bcs i couldnt get here early. i was supposed to meet a guy for WE. But this is another story that i will tell next time..although it is the subject of today's blog.

after i read the mail from mister dietrich, saying that he couldnt give us (actually it was only one person work) more then 1,5 I tried to read alex's email. Altough i like to read and write this took me really a lot of time. I had to read the lines many times to understand, better said to pay attention to what she wrote.
afterwards i tried so hard to write a reply to somebody ( no names yet ), just not to be unrude and postpone it for tmr..

i cannot concentrate. unfortunatelly i have so many things that i have to do..but which is more productive: to go for a walk and then try again to concentrate or to try now to solve something?

I thing everybody knows the answer to this (retorical ? ) Q.

18 dezember