Sonntag, 30. März 2008

Rollerblading through HH

Discovering a great city: Hamburg. Sunday 30th March. It is time to switch to summer hour.
To feel it getting closer, the weather was how the germans are used to say: 'passend'.

Jungfernstieg aka center of the city @18°C.. Meeting place for some. Meditating place for others.
Die Musikschule.
Just next to it, the place where people are training their neck muscles while trying not to loose the yellow ball from sight. Am Rotterbaum. Too bad i missed the Masters last year. Will i still be here this year?
Learn the rules while still a kid! Later it may be too late. :P
A nice way to have a snack, a bier or a cake. But did i put the wrong picture? Venice?! Nee. This is Hamburg. The city with more bridges than Venice. (siehe hier oder hier ).
Even the sidewalk is a good place to sit and eat an icecream. It isnt their fault if the icecream shop is small and doesnt have any chairs outside. :P
Everywhere Hamburgers.
At the confluence Winterhude - Uhlenhorst.
Fishing?! Well. Everybody has different ideas on how to spend a sunday afternoon. Some may choose to fish in the city :P
Even the signs need protection. :P (I stayed in front of a car in the middle of the street while taking the picture and the guy in the car was trying to see wth i was photographing.)

Will I see something like this in Bukarest soon? I am curios to know how is it at 12 o'clock when the direction changes? :P
HH's arhitechture(1)
HH's arhitechture(2)
Discusing the game in a quiet environment.
One guide told us that this is the most expensive hotel in HH. Could it be?

One last look at the Alster. At 7 o'clock not so many people but still the warm wind brings different parfumes closer to you.

Samstag, 29. März 2008

Biking through HH

Exams over. I hope i will not have to say this many more times. The weather looks like she/it wants to let the people enjoy a nice Friday.
We decided for biking. When was the last time i did something like this? 10 years ago? 15? Pfff.
I always remember my 1st day of 'biking' ( cause it wasnt biking what i did :P ). When i went downstairs with my father. I had a red pegasus. Pretty excited. But with all this excitement after the 10 m i decided to turn. The bike didnt want to turn. Only the front of it turned. The handlebar. Directly in my stomach. Pfffff. That was the end of my 1st bike experience. :P When i continued?! I dont remember. 'Strange' that only this part remained in my mind.

So after so much time i decided to try to see if i remember. :)
The consequences?! Friday was enough. I cannot sit on a bike at least 1 week. :P

Here is a reconstitution of the trip.

Blankenese - A region which competes with the one next to Alster river ( in center of the city) for the place of the richest area in Hamburg. Beach. Houses on a hill. The 1st thing you see when u wake up is the water. Very quiet. Very rich. Hearing only the sound of the water. Ok and sometimes the sound of a ship passing by but still :P (More details here)
Spring is definitively here.
A dedication to Skandalouz .
Der Findling Alter Schwede (217 t)l. It was found in 1999 on the bottom of the river. Is it possible that a huge ship 'found' it? :P
The continuous life of the harbour. Day and night without sleep.
A small garden in front of the house.
In between a footpath prefered if one doesnt want to carry some sand in his/her shoes.
Easter traditions in Germany. Eggs in the trees?! :|
Eggs in the flower pots?!
Too narrow? Damn.
For the ones who dont look up or cannot read the signs, other hints are available.
Övelgönne - a village until 1890, then a region in Altona ( since 1938 belonging to Hamburg). You can reach it either by SBahn, Bus , car or boat.

Doèś anyonè want śomè Ćŕepeś or Crèpès? :)))
The next ship is almost ready to be launched. Crazy how anybody can 'take part' in the construction of the next generation of ships.
Das Ende. Does it have 90° ?
Pudel club. A place to be visited on a Sunday morning when the clubs on Reeperbahn are closing but it isnt yet time for Fischmarkt.
The winning design project for the new region in Hamburg: The Hafencity. Amazing what it will be constructed here.

The Elbphilharmonie. The Hamburger Regierung was a little said because they didn't have a symbol to represent their city. Like Sydney or.. dunno what other city. So in 2010 this is how the new cultural symbol of Hamburg will look like. A big concert hall, residences, a small concert hall, hotel, plaza, parking places for 1/4 of the size of the concert hall etc.
Somebody wants to live in one of these buildings? If so we need to wait a little. At most 2 years.
Maybe one prefers this building? Chris told me it looks like the HQ of Toshiba?! Or was it IBM?! Neee. Damn. I cannot remember the name.
Or maybe in this ones?

Dienstag, 25. März 2008

Exam results

Two 'funny' examples of how the exam results are published on the webpage of the instituts @TUHH :

1.From the Institut of Software Systems:

2.From the Institut of Security. The name maybe justifies the line in the pink rectangular. :))

Obsessions - Praktikum

Bewerbung.. Bewerbung and noch eine Bewerbung!!

I realized recently that an application for a job is like the search for a new house.
You set your target pretty high wanting the best ever for low obligations. Then you start lowering the limit you set in the beginning, saying 'ok. even something less could be good'. You finish by sending vs reviewing everything you catch. :P
'Ok..i will apply also to this one.' vs 'Ok..i will go to see also this house.'

I hope I will not reach that status.
Like the germans say: Mal sehen.

Montag, 24. März 2008

HH am katholischen Ostermontag

"You shouldn't leave for tomorrow what you can do today."
Very wise. This sentence says a lot about HH. Only one day difference.

Noch einen Blick auf den inneren Garten. Jaja. Es handelt sich um denselben Garten :D

Sonntag, 23. März 2008

Me and my obsessions

Among many other "obsessions" here is one:

I should make a pool why i find them sort of attractive. :P Did i say this before?!

HH am katholischen Ostersonntag

Nach 3 Tage Schnee erscheint die Sonne. Aber was für einen riesigen Unterschied.

(Blick auf den inneren Garten)

Sonntag, 9. März 2008

Berlin - Each time new things/ places discovered

Es ist echt ein Wunder. 4te Mal in Berlin. Jedes Mal meine Liebe für diese Stadt aufwächst. Viele Leute verstehen es nicht. Der Grund warum ich so viel diese Stadt mag? Vielleicht ist sie Bukarest ähnlich: Ein Chaos, eine Mischung von Kultur, Leuten, Geschichte.

Es ist ziemlich schwer eine Selection der Photos zu machen, wenn jedes ein Teil der Geschichte darstellt.

Ich kann nicht wirklich sagen, warum mir die Bäume so viel gefallen.

Ich soll zugeben, so einen Spielplatz habe ich während der Kindheit vermisst.

Der Frühling klopft an die Tür. Jemand soll aufmachen. Ich bin nicht zu Hause.

Einen kleinen Augenblick auf Vergangenheit geworfen.


Die lebendige Geschichte der Juden.

Wie kann man etwas Hässliches in etwas Schönes verändert werden.

Sogar das kleinste grüne Feld..
Berlins Farben.

East Side Gallery

Ich habe keine Ahnung was hier geschrieben ist. Könnte jemand da mir den Ball zurückgeben? Bitteeee.
Ein sehr guter Klub. Postbahnhof am Ostbahnhof.
Park in Ost Berlin.
Vor arata si la noi asha blocurile?
Artificial dar poate singura posibilitate. Nice makeup. :)Pull the Plug!! :)))

Made in Berlin.