Montag, 27. August 2007

A woman's purse

I am starting to believe that i am really weird, like people say. This is what i am carrying on a sunday night :D

I dedicate this photo to a very good friend, Mina. I missssssssss u a lot.

Sonntag, 26. August 2007

Made in Hamburg

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Samstag, 25. August 2007

made in holland

Presents i got from Amsterdam:

Very tasty. More details here.

Freitag, 24. August 2007

i am aliveeeee

hmm.. 16 days without writing / posting.

i finished part 1 of the a 'break' for 2 months for searching, working, hoping to solve some things that need to be solved.

besides being busy with the exams another group of friends has left and some good friends are leaving these days. :(
sadness and happiness in the same time. Buuuut.. life goes on. The only problem is that it's happening too fast.

Yday i 'celebrated' my 10 months anniversary - 10 months since i left home. It seems an eternity but time flies soooo damn fast.

Mittwoch, 8. August 2007

Talents - Part 2

I continue the enumeration ( :D ) of talents with part 2 started here :

For strong people :D:D

We are hungryyyyyyyyyyyyy


I hv to say that.. i am good.. at least at cooking :D
for other things..

Samstag, 4. August 2007


Kindertee war ein Geschenk von Aurelie :D

Ich denke doch, die sind nicht genug. :-?

Warsaw / Warschau

Taking a break from all that it means thinking.. on exams, internship, life :D (ok.. i am exaggerating :d or better said i am becoming obsessive with these things ) i decided spontaneously to go with my exchange friends ( it sounds funny ) to Poland, where one of them lives.

The decision was took in few seconds, as follows: It was wednesday, I was preparing ( actually stuffing the pig, as we say in romanian, for 1 exam the next day - it was a nice one, i had a lot of fun doing the project ) when i got a call.
G: What are u doing tomorrow?
Me: I am having an exam
G: When?
Me: At 11.30
G: too at 10.40. And then?
Me: Working.
G: Come on. Come to Poland
Me (looking at my twin and thinking of my savings :D): Hmm.. ok.

We left at around 3 pm. Unfortunately there was no time for taking a shower :D. G was already at the car. We arrived in Warschau at around 1 am.
Who is 'we', btw ? 1 polish guy, 1 french girl, 1 mexican guy, 1 romanian girl. :)

Great house :D . Great mother. Great city. Funny language. Funny way of understanding urself with the natives. If u didnt have the chance to meet young people, then the sign language was the closest way of trying to get to a desired place. :d
And last but not least, time to discover friends.. over a tradition beer..ok, 2 :D

1st thing that i will remember when thinking of this trip is the moment when i thought it began raining but looking at my shoulder i discovered that somebody from the sky decided i should be lucky. :D
Like A says: 'pigeon's woman'.

Warsaw's symbols:

The palace of culture. Although an important symbol, it cannot compete with the world's 2nd biggest building. :D:D

A meeting place in Warsaw

I asked G, when he thinks of Poland what are the traditional things that come into his mind?
Like Germany has the Wurst and the beer, like England has the tee, like Italians the pizza and the cappucino, like France the crepes, like Romanians have Dracula ( for the foreign people this is the most important thing :D - sorry mama ).

The mermaid - A key person during the war, fighting, helping as a nurse and finally giving her life for her country became a symbol.

The persons as a symbol of Poland:


"Sobieski and the romanians" - C.Negruzzi . Who remembers it? :D

Copernicus ( I didnt have the best instructions :d )

Chopin. Ja, ja he is polish. Read like: Hopin :D

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Poland's history:

The little upriser , 1944
Pawiak prison

Difference new city (blue) - old city (brown) :

Le Champs-Élysées of Warsaw. (While walking on this street, a man heard us speak in english and tried to tell us a little historical story, that this street was called Chopin's street.. it was the way from his parents house, they lived in the center and his house (?) )

Other places:

The monument of the unknown soldier
Polish restaurant - we tasted once also some traditional food - i forgot the name :D
Old town
(seen from the palace of culture)
What could have happened if this would have been in RO? :D

Warsaw Rising Museum:
"Save the children - ours, yours, Polish, Warsaw children. Collapsed buildings we can rebuild - the lost young generation we can not."
The church Anna .
Very good pic :D

Royal Palace - The bedroom ( hässsssssssslich :D , i.e. hideous )
Palace on water, i.e Łazienki Palace ( translation : lazienki = bathroom :D )

The musicians of Warsaw - Between 10 and 22 o'clock by sending an sms to a certain number and choosing a song from the list printed on the drum of one musician you can enjoy the sounds coming out from the metal. So it is said. Unfortunately we got there after 10 pm :(