Donnerstag, 10. September 2009

Internship Report & Projekt Work

A very stressy period. No motivation to write, to jogg, to sleep.
But in 3 weeks everything should be over.

Part of the tasks needed to be done in this period was to write the internship report. And I did iiiiiiiiiiiiit. Felt pretty good about it. Could have write more. :d
Tomorrow will pick up my certificate from the company and submit it together with the report on monday to my uni.

This internship report represented 'just' a break from the project I am currently doing. Now back to writing it. I need to submit tomorrow a draft. Buuuuuut.. apparently I have some problems in matching the content to the structure.

Ahh. The projekt work is about developing visualizations and interactive learning elements for the introductory course to mathematics at an academical level.

Donnerstag, 3. September 2009

My (new) album

I went through my friends' blogs to see if they also don't have time like me to write and ran into a post Mtx wrote sometime in March.

And this is my result:

Very cool.

PS: I've just noticed i took instead of the last random quotation the first one. I stick to my 'mistake' coz i think it suits better. The last one would have been '[..]"thank you," that would suffice.' Or am i wrong?