Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2007

Swedish party-Communication problems

As the new students arrived, the parties have started.
(I will post randomly bcs of lack of time).

One of the parties was organized in my dorm in one of the Erasmus flat ( as people are used to call them, although they are students not only in Erasmus contingent ).
The organizing committee: 4 swedish students ( 2 girls and 2 guys).
Here are 3 of them and the 4th one in the 2nd pic.

But why did i want to mention this particular party.
Bcs of a conversation i had with 2 guys. The characters: K, A and M. Why was this conv for me funny?
K speaks with A in english. M doesnt know english. ( only basic )
K speaks with M in german. A doesnt know german. ( not yet at least :D )
A speaks with M in arabic or french. K doesnt know arabic ( only i think 3 words ) and can understand 5 out of 10 words in french.

How do we communicate? =))))))))))))))))))

Becoming famous ( Part 3 i think )

Location: Club LOVE ( nume sugestiv =)))) )
Date: 29.09.07

As i love to dance more than many other things i went with 2 good friends to Reeperbahn ( the famous area in HH with 'clubs', pubs (kneipen) and other things that may look interesting for some ) on a saturday night when you cannot get inside a place in a group. Even the bodyguards hv their preferences. :)
The owner of the place is a french guy. Now it explains why also the french people from last year liked this place. Ehh.. this would be one of the reasons.
The entrance is usually 8 Euros. Pretty much for a student life. On saturday ( i dont know if also on other nights) with a cuppon of 3 Euros you can get also a drink.
The music also not one of my favourites but i discovered i know how to dance on it :D
The stile: Electro House, Funky House, House, House, Soulful House, Vocal House ( as i have noooooo idea what is the difference between them :-s )

Inside lots of people. All types of people. It depends also on the theme of the evening.
On this particular night it was Gin Tonic party. I hv no idea why :D.
As also a fashion back home, there are some people ( pros??? ) who have to earn some money by taking pics of the people. As i agreed to appear in one pic ( usually i hate being in pics, i like only taking pics ), i looked for it a couple of days later.
Apparently at a certain moment the 'guy with the camera' started taking pics randomly ( was he bored ? ) so i've discovered another 2 pics of me.

Well, they are ok. fiuuuuuufff..
i mean they could have been worse :D

PS: pls notice the difference between the persons involved. hmm

Montag, 8. Oktober 2007

Being involved in diff events

As an opportunity offered by the International Office in my uni and being lucky to be a key person around there (as i like to believe) i had a chance to take part in an important event on the 22nd of September: the 75th bday of the president of a foundation that has connections to my uni.

A nice experience.

And as the people involved were satisfied with our work, we will take part in another activity in Nov. :)

What can one give to a person who has let's say almost everything? Hard to find something.

A picture of the official photographer of the event

Visit of another good friend

After the time spent with Lore and Radu another good friend came to visit me, Stef, with her BF, Vlad. On their trip to Belgium they stopped for 2 days in HH, being brought here by Gigel, later discovered as Marcel, the best modern friend a person could have ( i hate him/it for not letting me earn money. I love being a guide :D ). Unfortunately, because of some unpleasant incidents regarding my dorm, they couldnt stay one more day.
I really hope they had a very good time here and that they understand it doesn't depend on me.

I am grateful i have the chance to see my friends from home. I am still waiting for a weeding to be forced to go home. :D
Kiddddddddddin' guys :-s

The name on 3 lines. The design klasse. The taste hmm... The place the best in Harburg.

As i said.. love playing the guide role.

Stef & Vlad. Great to see u guys.