Freitag, 27. Juni 2008

Sweets with chili

I got from a friend of mine a small bag of sweets from Mexico. And they are spicyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Iammiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :P

'Dulce Acidulado y Picosito' is written on one of it. That means : 'Spicy and sour candy'.. hehe

Donnerstag, 26. Juni 2008

The Script - We cry

My favorite song at the moment. You can find it here or in this interpretation ( a pretty good one i might add ).

Dienstag, 24. Juni 2008

Searching for new places

Last week on Tuesday (the special day when Romania had to pack 'her' things and get the hell out of Austria/Switzerland) I went to the theatre with my "Literatur und Kultur" class.
Usually Tuesdays i am going to basketball, but because of this change in the plans i went earlier to shoot for some time to a high school around the house. (here also a picture).
At 18.15 I was supposed to be in front of the theatre. The way 'till there? At least half an hour. The play was announced for 8 pm but before our lecturer arranged a meeting with the director of the play. A very nice idea.
So I managed to leave on time from bbl, respectively from home and I got to Hauptbahnhof at 18.00.. when..
I realised I didn't have the ticket.. grrrrrr.. &%$§%$"§%%$§%$%&
So.. the day was starting to get nicer and nicer..

The play? A very interesting one. (here more about it)

When i got finally to the theatre the director was announcing that the main actress was too sick to perform and that they just found out about it 2h before the begin of the play. So they decided not to cancel it and tried to find a solution.
In the play there were 2 actresses. With one ill, the 2nd had to take her place, being the only one who could have fulfilled 2 roles: being an actress and knowing the script. But her role was performed by another actress.

Who didn't want to take part in it was invited to leave and he/she will receive the money back for the ticket. But why to loose something like this: 2h of spontaneity but also great acting. (and anyhow our group didn't pay anything; it was paid by our International Office; great, isn't it?!)
It was very interesting to see how the actors who played their role so many times interact with the 2 actresses who knew their new role only from an external point of view. How sure can u be that u will perform it as it was yours? Walking around with the script helps pretty much but not when you have to use your both hands. And more over when the script involves acting in the rain. Really very interesting.

The play itself was very interesting although it would have been hard if we wouldn't have prepared it in our class. Reading it and commenting it helped a lot. Not entirely ‘cause usually, as it happened also with the other plays i went to, the script 'suffered' some modifications.

After the play we went for a drink.. on the roof of the theatre. Actually I went only to see the end of the game. Disappointment what can i say. No motivation or what could have been the reason?

At 11.30 we decided to go home. I went on foot 'till Hauptbahnhof. The tiredness started to make itself present. Going on the usual platform to take the SBahn, I noticed the S21 to Aumühle is next to come. "Ahh, the next one is S3. So 5 min altogether. Lots of people. Everybody is waiting for it." The S21 leaves, the next one comes. I go in and decide to sit, put my head on the window and close my eyes. After 15 min i wonder why we don't go into the tunnel. But hearing 'Übergang zu...' made me think that I am still on the way home. The next station comes. I look around. Something is not right. I don't recognize it. shit shit shit!!!!! Where am I?! I decide to go out and look around. I took S1. %&/%$&$%$&/§%$ But whyyyyyyyyyyyy?! Cause usually it comes on platform 3, not 4.
So.. being so late in the night I had to wait 20 min for the next SBahn back to the central station. What to do in the meantime?! Some photos..

Meet Hasselbrook station:

Come on.. one more. Get a little bit closer, baby..

Instead of getting home in half an hour I needed one and 1/2h.
..the train in Harburg station.

Never happened to me. But for everything there is a 1st time :)

Montag, 23. Juni 2008

BBL vs Jogging

Lately i find it more motivating to play BBL rather than to make some rounds around the lake. Why?

I am playing every Tuesday and Friday as a Sportspass member. And everytime i find some free time i try to improve by playing somewhere next to my home:

Sonntag, 22. Juni 2008

China Abend

This Thursday my university hosted a presentation about China:

So instead of the usual session of 'Literatur und Kultur' we decided to take part in this presentation. The one who held it (a former student of the university) tried to provide us a 'small' insight into the history and culture of the Chinese people.
Unfortunately i stayed only 1h due to other plans so i didn't get the chance to find out what he thought about the actual situation regarding the Olympic games.

Among the snacks provided by the organising team there were also some fortune cookies. One bulgarian friend of mine told me that these cookies are always 'telling' the truth. ( Crap!! :D )
So.. i decided to try some. More exactly: 3. And the order is:
1. Jetzt ist die richtige Zeit für neue Freunde. ( Now is right time for new friends.) - Jaja.. i like meeting new people. In a multicultural environment the chances are very big.
2. Der Weg, der vor Ihnen liegt, ist rosig und voller Romantik. ( The path in front of you is rosy and full of romance ) - I say bullshit!!!!
3. Eine Begegnung lässt Ihr Herz höher schlagen. (A meeting makes ur heart beat faster) - Ok. I think it is time to leave the cookies for somebody who needs them.

Turkey vs Deutschland - EM 2008

Turkey vs Deutschland or like a friend of mine says: Harburg vs Hamburg. Am i talking only about football?
When Turkey qualified for the quarter final I got a little bit confused and asked myself: 'Am I in Deutschland or.. in Turkey?' The night was long.

On Thursday I went in the city to see the game Germany - Portugal on public viewing. Full of Germans :P. A glass of beer 5 Euros. Need to go to the toilette? 10min waiting.
Everywhere Schwarz - Rot - Gold Fahnen. Singing.. dancing.. jumping.. living every minute together. Great atmosphere.

The official EM Hymn " Revolverheld - Helden 2008 " :
"Dieses Jaaaaaaahr
geht das Fussballwunder weiter.
Wir sind daaaaaaaaa
und wir werden Europameister."

2 years ago i would have definitively been on the Portuguese side. Now?! Things change.
A friend of mine (German) said : 'Who says that Germans don't know how to have fun?!' :))) (I was the one who said that some time ago :D . Why? Another story)

The next game? Wednesday, the 25th of June. Against Turkey. No matter who is winning it looks the same: dangerous. Soooooooo.. we will watch the game in the Wohnheimbar and at the end run as fast as possible home. (But i still need to cross the main street :-s )

Schwarz- Rot- Gold sind unsere Farben..
Deuuuuutschlaaaaaand. Deuuuuuutschlaaaaaand.

Sunset in Hamburg and German heads. :))))))))

Pfff.. There are people on the bunker.

Part of the German culture: Hinsetzen!! Hinsetzen !! Everybody except 1 sits. The person who's standing starts saying some sentences ( with no connection btw them. For example: 'Ronaldo, geh nach Hause.' 'Give me a Hoo'). After a while everybody stands and starts jumping and singing something ( i didn't get what exactly) . You don't have any choice but to join in. :D

This photo was taken after the game Germany - Portugal on Reeperbahn in the middle of the street. The guy who was standing had even a megaphone. Great atmosphere.

Bremen finally !!

After almost 2 years i got finally to Bremen. And if u think about it, we are talking only about a 2h way by regional train. :D

With a Landesticket, 4 people ( 5 on the way back ), we spent a full day in the sunny, famous Bremen.

Dienstag, 17. Juni 2008

Hai Romaniaaaa!!!

Do we have really a chance?

One of the spanish guys said yday that if Spain would have played instead of Italy in group C they would have lost, but now that Italy plays anything could happen, more exactly: Holland scores 2 goals in the last 10 min and Italy scores in minute 95, qualifying itself for the quartel final.
Pretty nice scenario.
(von meinem guten Südtiroler Freund erzählt)

Let's wait and see.

Trotzdem bin ich dabei.. und ich bin nicht die einzige:

(I have to go to the theater now but still i will think of it and catch only the last half an hour. Hai Romaniaaaaaaa!!! )

Sonntag, 8. Juni 2008

Open air concert in Sternschanze

For the 1st time i went to an open air concert. Electronic music it was ( i think =)) ). Interesting atmosphere. The people? Diff from the one i meet usually.
++ nice music , nice weather
-- too much dust because of the people jumping

It was on a Sunday (11th Mai more exactly), but no problem of waking up Monday early cause it was Pfingsten so holidaaaay.

From the category 'Durchschwuling', meet my friends:

Wild Park " Schwarze Berge "

For the 2nd time i decided to make a visit to the Wild Park "Schwarze Berge". This time i organised the event for the international students as a Compass tutor. (Each student had to pay only 1 Euro, the rest being payed by the university. )

The poster:

With help from our guide we gained some insight into the life of some animals.

Fake freedom..

No.. i didn't kill it. It died some time ago, the poor bird.
One of my favourite pics:

It seems like the germans enjoy spending time with the goats..

Our guide..

I think i saw also some people who looked like this. But the question is, who is worse? :P:P


It was a full weekend. (To remember it in the future, it was the one Fel had 4 of his friends over.. )
Thursday China Lounge, Friday no basketball (it was closed because of Thursday, the 1st of May) so i went running, Friday eve Schanze with the Serbians, Rosinski with Fel and his friends, Saturday BBL Top 4, Saturday eve Reeper until fish market, Sunday Wildpark and Computer Graphics, Monday waking up at 6.30 :|