Montag, 25. Mai 2009

The 7 wonders of the world

I ran into this article The Retezat National Park so i decided to see what it is about.

There is a competition going on at the moment organized by the 7 Wonders Foundation for the 7 wonders of the world. The competition has reached its 2nd phase. People are invited to vote their favourite in order for it to reach one of the 77 places reserved for the semifinal.
In order to give the vote to ur favourite(s) u need to give 7 - (nr of favourites) other votes. One can follow the live ranking here.

The campaign conducted by the Romanian people is thought not to have enough power to keep the Romanian treasure among the nominees.

And my votes go to....
1. Retezat National Park ROMANIA - Group E: Forests, National Parks, Natural Reserves

2. The Richat Structure (MAURITANIA) - Group A: Landscapes, Ice formations.

The other contestants were:
Al-hasa Oasis SAUDI ARABIA
Vatnajokull Glacier ICELAND
Ein Gedi Oasis ISRAEL
Aletsch Glacier SWITZERLAND
The Macina MALI

3. Mud Volcanoes AZERBAIJAN also in Romania - Group C: Mountains, Volcanoes [A tough decision]

The other contestants were:
Mount Karthala COMOROS
Mount Everest CHINA/ NEPAL
Mount Fuji JAPAN
Vesuvius Volcano ITALY
Yasur Volcano VANUATU
Baekdu Mountain CHINA/ KOREA (NORTH)

4. Sumidero Canyon MEXICO - Group D: Caves, Rock formations, Valleys

The other contestants were:
Jeita Grotto LEBANON
Belogradchik Rocks BULGARIA
Eisriesenwelt Cave AUSTRIA

5. Angel Falls VENEZUELA - Group F: Lakes, Rivers, Watterfalls

The other contestants were:
Lake Titicaca BOLIVIA/ PERU
Pangong Lake CHINA/ INDIA
Ganga Talao or Grand Bassin MAURITIUS
Plitvice Lakes CROATIA
Laguna Colorada BOLIVIA

6. Great Barrier Reef (AUSTRALIA/ PAPUA NEW GUINEA) - Group G: Seascape

The other contestants were:
Conchi ARUBA
Milford Sound Fiord NEW ZEALAND
Cliffs of Moher IRELAND
Beveridge Reef NIUE

7. Cocos Island (COSTA RICA) - Group B: Islands

The other contestants were:
Galapagos Islands ECUADOR
Orona Atoll KIRIBATI
Tierra del Fuego, Archipelago ARGENTINA/ CHILE

The big number of nominees and the fact that u've visited maybe 3% of the places listed there and heard about 50-60% (maybe 30%, maybe 80%) confirm ur believe that life is short!

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